Site Investigation Services

Our service extends throughout the UK, although our particular area of experience lies within the northern part of England, particularly the North West.

A diverse set of soils lie in this area from upland peat through variable glacial deposits and outcropping bedrock to weak alluvial deposits provide a stream of potential risks to be assessed and overcome.

The complexity of the soils is further compounded by the industrial history of the area which has left a legacy of past mineral extraction (e.g. quarrying, open cast mining, underground mining for coal, fireclay and sandstone, salt) and industrial use (e.g. contamination, old buried obstructions, etc). These factors underline the need for the carefully considered investigation work which forms the core of our service.

We use all forms of techniques including:-

  • Window Sampling
  • Light Cable Percussion Boring
  • Rotary Boring
  • Rotary Coring
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Concrete Coring
  • Hand Auguring
  • Undisturbed 38mm Sampling

For more information on our Site Investigation Services please contact STS on 0333 012 4352